Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Balanced Market

I sure do appologize for not blogging for some time now. Things have been so busy, I have been focusing on my clients needs.

Could it be that we are heading towards a balanced market?

1) Prices in Saugeen Shores seemed to have stabilized
2) Inventory of homes for sale is not exceptionally high like last year
3) The market is moving in this area
These are certain indications that we are heading out of the buyers market and with rates this low (3.85%) now is a great time to buy.

When and how should I list my home!

If you are thinking of listing your home, now is a very good time. Buyers are out shopping because of interest rates and the weather is making it even nicer to go property shopping!

Listing privately can cause lots of problems, the number 1 being that "are you opening your door to strangers"?
Not everyone knows the value of your home. Neighbors, friends etc may tell you one thing, but you should put your trust to a professional to price your home according to the market conditions.
It's possible that you will get some people that tell you your house is worth more than it really is. The problem is, it will sit on the market and not get the attention it needs to sell.
Others will offer you a great deal, only to lack service.
A "professional" REALTOR® should offer you comparisons of properties currently listed, recently sold and ones that have expired or reduced because they are over priced, their listing services, and their obligation to your home as far as open house times, advertising etc.
Don't fall into the overprice trap!