Sunday, October 26, 2008

Choosing someone to represent you

Shopping for a real estate representative is somewhat like shopping for a car in my opinion. Realiable, always working, and there when you need it! Did you buy your car because of the incentive from the dealer, what happens after when you need service? Is that dealer there for you? Much is the same in real estate.
Just because the deal is done, doesn't mean you should be without someone to talk to. What about Tarion warranty, or re-sale, how about finding out more information on the property, and most importantly DAY OF CLOSING!
Were you offered a "free home inspection" or "Home Staging"? Are you being offered "great service before, during and after the sale as well"? With the free home inspection, is it with the inspector of your choice? Check the fine print, because maybe it's not. What about the home staging. Maybe you will have a conflict with the stager...can you use whomever you wish?

Sure there is value in a home inspection (approx $300-$400) but does the home inspection tell you the MLS stats, or what the neighbor is like down the street or go that extra mile to provide just as important information?

Basically what I am saying is, that no matter who you choose, do your homework on what services will be provide for you, period.

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