Monday, March 2, 2009

Your First Encounter with a Real Estate Representative

What should your first encounter be like with a Broker or Salesperson?

First thing an agent should be asking you is "are you working with any other agent?"

This should be asked anytime there is contact with a new customer, whether walking into an open house, or into their office. There are a few reasons for this, but the most important reason is ethics. If you have been working with someone else, you should continue to do so, as that agent has invested the time and effort into finding you a property. The exception would be if you are not happy with their service. The other important reason is that if you have a "buyer agency" with one agent, you could owe them a commission on the property you purchase depending on how the agency contract is written.

The next thing an agent should be providing is "Working with a Realtor®". This pamphlet describes how we work for you. Whether a Seller, Buyer, Multiple Representation or customer service, this information is spelled out in this document and should be given at the earliest practical time in the relationship.

And the most important thing when meeting a representative is feeling comfortable with them. Knowing that they are going to work hard for you, and that there is trust between both parties.

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