Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why is it taking so long?

1) What makes a house sell
2) Why does it take some homes longer than others to sell
3) Why use the services of a real estate representative
4) Can one person sell my house quick than another


1) Appeal, price, the sellers motivation
Appeal - the house must show well inside and out. If your representative tells you to declutter, paint etc, you need to listen. They aren't saying just to sound good, they are saying it because it is what sells a house. Take wallpaper for example. Big bright 70's colored flowers! A typical buyer isn't going to say "pretty wallpaper", they are going to say "pretty much has to come down"! If it's one room, not such a big deal, but the entire house, means lots of work to a potential buyer,
Price - it has to be priced within the market, and for what the market allows. Just because you neighbor got that much doesn't hold water for a typical buyer. They want to know why your price is where it is. Did your neighbors house have the same features? Did your neighbor sell in a better market? These are all questions your "licenced" representative can help you with.
The Sellers Motivation - if you really, and I mean really want to list your home, then do it. But if you are testing the market, think twice before doing so. Testing the market can hurt your chances for getting a good price for your home. Most people that do so, list very high to try and get "nibbles" only to see their listing sit and lose interest. People wonder if it has problems. Your agent is there to do a job, and if you are not motivated, chances are it will rub off on your agent.

2) It takes longer to sell some homes over others for most of the reasons above. Price, motivation, and appeal. Sometimes, the sale is done before the "for sale" sign hits the lawn. You see the "for sale" sign go up, then one showing and boom, SOLD. Sometimes there is a buyer just waiting for that exact home or neighborhood.

3) Again, why use the services of a "licenced" real estate representative? Because we are educated, follow a strict "Code of Ethics" and are governed in the province that we practice. We know the market, we provide stats and data on historical trends, we can tell you how to stage your home, we seek title information, municipal information and the list goes on and on and me if you would like more detail. I would be happy to discuss how hard I work for my clients.

4) Can one person sell your house quicker than another? Not likely. The only difference between signs on a front lawn(when you are dealing with National companies) is the level of service that you will achieve out of your agent. Most listings, excluding "exclusive" listings are visible to the general public on which is where more than 80% of home buyers start their search. Wouldn't you want constants updates like graphs, charts, showing details, and communication?
Can one agent market your home better than another to attract more buyers? Possibly. A sign on the front lawn, and an ad in the local paper isn't usually enough in today's market. You need a representative that is internet savvy, tech savvy and one that has strong marketing techniques. In a buyers market, there are so many homes on the market, that your listing needs to be "first" to win the race!
Visit my websites, the many websites and techniques such as Talking House(tm) that I use to promote your listing. The more exposure, the better a chance of selling quicker...period!

Sometimes you see one Brokerage's sign up for a long time, only to be replaced by another Brokerage's sign (another company). This happens because sometimes home owners think that by changing companies they have a better chance of selling. Although in some instances this could be true (where a representative and seller didn't get along) but for the most part this won't usually make a difference. The big difference is listening to your representative, they understand, and have the expertise to help get the job done.
Social Networks are a great place as well to promote and market listings.
Such as this Facebook page click here

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