Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Choosing the Right Real Estate Representative part 2

Once you have chosen your real estate representative it is best to stay with them. Providing your representative has given you the ultimate service and commitment you deserve, you should not bounce around from rep to rep. Most reps invest lots of time, effort and money into selling your home, or as a buyers rep, sourcing out homes that meet your needs. Driving here and there, countless hours spent investigating properties and problems, trips to the registry office, municipal office, bringing that offer back and forth etc, showings and more showings. Did you know a rep does not get paid until the deal is done and closes.
Just because the sign on the property has a Brokerage name on it, doesn't mean you have to call that Brokerage. If you are already working with one, call them first. If they are not comfortable with the area, hopefully they will tell you that.
Most representatives know agents from around the area, and can easily refer you to a reputable one that can help, thus taking the trouble of finding a good rep out of the equation for you. Remember I can show you any listed property in the area, and if it is not listed, I will certainly knock on the door for you!

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